Website Portfolio

what we have done to our client

Client: FK Millennium Marketing Sdn Bhd

Type of Project: Website Design + web development

Product Website (Living Jungle) It is known that living in jungle life is much healthier than in rural busy city. Jungle consist of a lot great natural source for ours good health and beauty. We cannot live without jungle. Jungle is like a filter of air, water and foods to us. Living Jungle manifesto is to design products from ours motherhood natural active ingredients. Living Jungle will emphasis good natural source to formulate into beauty skin care, personal care and health products.

What we done for our client:
  • we propose interface design for website ( desktop / mobile ) version, with custom made concept
  • Constructed custom web page (static) format
  • Provide image touch-up, arrange all portfolio in different category for our client.
  • Provide photographic shooting service with Model, make up and hair set