Project type: Corporate & Product website

Client : MTSC Technology Sdn. Bhd

MTSC use test chambers in own test laboratory. We design and specify test chambers suitable for test lab,  MTSC has ISO 17025 accreditation scope for test chamber calibration. We have capability to fine tune test chamber and maintain constant temperature uniformity. MTSC able to extend her services to operate autonomous test chamber as well. These enhancements are added value capabilities to support customers.

What we done for our client

  • We offer interface design proposals for both desktop and mobile versions of websites, utilizing custom-made concepts.
  • We develop custom web pages in a static (PHP) format.
  • We provide image touch-ups for our clients.
  • We can input content for 15 product pages, ensuring a different display for mobile and desktop versions.
  • Boostrap / Jquery/ javascript / CSS

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